Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TX2: Tiger Trex Photo Essay


For the year 2010, the year of the tiger, WWF will be running this tiger conservation campaign. With the aim of doubling the number of tigers by 2022, hence the concept of TX2.

I was involved with the roadshows being set up in colleges to promote the campaign and its Tiger Trex campaign. So I was asked to put up an example of a photo essay.

A photo essay is a simple set/compilation of photos where every single photograph will contribute in telling a main story. Which means the photographs will not stand up as individual ones but rather being a part of the story.

This is what i came up with and this is the story i'm telling about the tigers in the wild now:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

FGS : Dong Zen Temple


Its Day One of CNY (it still feel weird blogging bout CNY now). And once again, me and my family got bored and decided to head to Jenjarom to visit the much hyped Dong Zen temple during the CNY period.

I didnt like the journey to there, it was long as I think I drove bout an hour from my place? But nevertheless, it was rather spectacular and stunning. Loads and load and loads of lantern and lighting displays.

My favourite was the temple where the whole place was brightly lit with paintings at the side of the walls. Of course they made it compulsory for anyone who goes in to wear a ridiculous shower cap on their shoes for cleanliness purposes.

Food court prices are killer, but we didn't have our dinner there. We prefer non-vegetarian bak kut teh :D

I know how much a website with loads of pictures suck big time, cause needed to wait for the loading and choke up the bandwidth.
So below are 2 flash slideshows which will do the job. And i think i will do this for the remaining photos (in huge amount) that i'll be posting in the future

This is a very good slideshow display, but just need to be patient to wait for the picture to load (depending on your connection)

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

This one is really cool, you definitely have to try out the full screen mode. TRY IT. Of course the setback will be havin the pics in low resolutions, means the pics will appear to be a bit blurred out (not my fault, my pics are fine :P)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day Zero of CNY 2010


Its funny when I'm actually blogging bout CNY in mid April now. I guess its only for show and tell purposes through photos :)

CNY eve, had family reunion dinner at home every year, ever since grandma aint around anymore in dad's hometown. So my parents were feeling rather bored and tv programme are still crappy with 'special' CNY festival shows.








Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pre-CNY in Petaling Street

Picking up where i left out in blogging, this was one of my audio slide assignment for StarOnline Tv.
Me and Lisan were assigned to cover Petaling Street, discovering the major change in traffic and visitors.

I was there twice, once during the morning and another time during evening and night. Definitely there are less people getting there for their CNY supplies. The night was as busy as usual with all the foreigners (a.k.a guai lou) visiting the place as a major tourist attraction.